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Grid Communications

Cloud Computing for Electric Utilities

Need-to-know info for electric utilities BY LEN WHITTEN, SunGard Availability Services The electric power industry has often been a first-mover in adopting new technologies before other industries move forward with implementation. For example, electric utilities were among the first companies to...

Cybersecurity & Privacy


Cutting Through the Noise

In a conference room in early 2017, a group of Transmission operators, supervisors, and executives at Ameren sat down in an effort to craft a strategic analytics roadmap that would tackle the new challenges associated with transmission operations. One of the first questions the group posed to...

Renewable Energy Connections

Plugging into Electric Vehicles

Most future planning discussions about electric vehicles begin with a prediction for significant impact by 2020. While these studies are important for future planning, utilities must consider the direct impact that EVs are currently having on society. Despite recent news about lower gas prices at...

Utility Automation & Monitoring

End-to-End Monitoring Systems Feeds Situational Awareness

For many years the limit for normal apparatus loading was based on the maximum nameplate rating or an arbitrarily set value, called ‘the red line’. On-line monitoring of power transformers and circuit breakers for condition assessment has gained popularity over the past twenty-five...

Grid Modernization

Distribution Management Ecosystems

How utilities can yield significant operational benefits BY JEFF WALZ, Siemens Smart Grid As North American electric utilities continue to transform their existing electric delivery assets into a smarter grid, strong emphasis is placed on systems, products, and services that provide value in...

Smart Grid

T&D Sensing and Measurement Market Overview

When it comes to T&D Sensing and Measurement, the electric grid is changing. The industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the mix of generated electric power, driving demand for grid transparency, reliability, and utility accountability. To meet these demands, utilities must change the way they interact with their electric infrastructure. During the next decade, many utilities worldwide will undertake significant investments in automation and monitoring solutions in substations, transmission and distribution (T&D) lines, transformers,...

Smart Grid Articles