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Dielectric Fluids

Advancements in Dissolved Gas Analysis: CO/CO2 Ratio

For DGA interpretation, faults identified using hydrocarbon gases are considered more serious if they appear to affect paper insulation. That is made explicit in CIGRE technical brochure 771[1]. Production of hydrocarbon gases from the oil by electrical or thermal stress does not significantly...

Transformer Testing & Maintenance

Advantages of Headspace Hydrogen Monitoring for Network Transformers

INTRODUCTION The utilization of online dissolved gas analysis monitoring has proven to be one of the most effective predictors of overall transformer health and condition. Monitoring can vary greatly from nine gas to single gas systems to best suit the customers application when considering...

Transformer Protection

Prevent Transformer Shutdown

Power transformers seldom shutdown; however, if a shutdown occurs, the effects would be immediate and devastating to utility operations. According to “An Analysis of Transformer Failures” by William H. Bartley, P.E., on behalf of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, the...

Transformer Monitoring

Distribution Transformer Loss Costs

A car owner must make some important decisions when purchasing a new vehicle—particularly if he or she has not bought one in decades. The features of the hundreds of 2015 models available can seem overwhelming. The budget-conscious owner, considering factors such as fuel efficiency,...

Transformer Software & Technologies

EFACEC case study

The EFACEC Group is leading the supply of integrated solutions and equipment in the market of power generation, transmission and distribution. The Group forms a complete value chain, from building turnkey projects to equipment manufacture, where integrated solutions are developed and designed in...

Electrical Transformers

Industry and Education

As we see the electrical industry advance it is obvious the demographics will be challenged. The infrastructure investment needs of the electrical and renewable energy grid will reach the $billions$ over the next 15-20 years with expensive, complex and specialized training and education needs. ...

Power Transformers


Case Study: Rapid Changes in Bushing Health

Continuous online monitoring of bushings provides real-time information which can result in the early detection of a possible failure.

Challenge: A Major Alarm
A prominent U.S. utility was looking for a way to improve system reliability for their 138kV assets. They researched and reviewed options available on the market that included affordable bushing monitoring. After review, the utility chose to pilot the Dynamic Ratings’ C50 Transformer Monitor to see if it was worth the...

Power Transformers Articles