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The SorbWeb™ Plus DRH4 Synergy

If you have oil-filled transformers, the law requires you to have a spill prevention plan in place, up to and including a secondary containment system to protect the environment and prevent oil from reaching navigable waters. Albarrie and Voltra Technology have partnered up to provide the power...

Transformer Oil Regeneration and Corrosive Sulfur

Enervac International ULC has been examining this issue for over 14 years with the help of our customers, mainly international power utilities, transformer manufacturers and transformer service companies. TRANSFORMER OIL REGENERATION PROCESSThe principal functions of the insulating fluid are to...

Restoring Power: The Mobile Solution

Power has weaved its way into nearly every intrinsic detail of our lives. It has become an afterthought during the course of the day and indeed, it is a staple in our way of life.In July of 2019, in the heart of the nation’s capital, a Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) substation in...

Choosing Your Rubber Safety Gloves

Latex versus Natural Rubber – What is the difference? All Raw rubber comes from the rubber tree. It is then processed to become a latex for water-based dipping or dried down to a slab for use in extrusion or solvent dipping operations. Hydrophilic additives in Latex For latex to be usable...

T&D Products

Sediver TGI

A New Age for Toughened Glass Insulators - With Clarity Comes Safety

In 2005 an article about toughened glass insulators (TGI) titled “Return to Clarity” was published. Fifteen years later, this sequel article by a team including the two original authors, picks up where the former concluded with optimism about the future of TGI technology in the USA. Thanks to the deeper understanding of TGI, we are witnessing today a new age of toughened glass insulators. The built-in characteristics of Sediver TGI’s provide safety, reliability and...

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