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Political ideology and renewable energy growth in Alberta

Edmonton - Alberta's electricity sector currently navigates a complex landscape. While renewable energy enjoys significant growth and promises a sustainable future, the recent moratorium implemented by Premier Danielle Smith casts a shadow of uncertainty. Understanding the current situation requires acknowledging both the recent developments and the underlying trends shaping the province's energy landscape.

In February 2024, Premier Smith surprised the industry by ordering the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to temporarily suspend approvals for new utility-scale...

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Why calibrate test equipment

You’re serious about your electrical test instruments. You buy top brands, and you expect them to be accurate. You know some people send their digital instruments to a metrology lab for calibration, and you wonder why. After all, these are all electronic — there’s no meter...

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Calculation of Capacitance Matrix in Electrical Systems

In typical electrical systems, the capacitance between multiple conductors is of primary interest. To facilitate calculations, it is possible to arrange the mutual capacitances of a system of N conductors in a matrix format. For precise calculations of capacitance matrices in electrical systems,...

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Ground Tester Section Criteria

Ground Tester Section Criteria is important to decide. The electrical grounding component of an electrical facility can be easily overlooked. It doesn’t appear to have an active role. It isn’t moving, doesn’t emit light or sound, or provide data. It’s largely out of sight....

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Aging Infrastructure and Grid Modernization

Asset and risk management for electric utilities


Aging transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure is a critical issue for electric utilities, resulting in the need for utilities to make decisions regarding the replacement, repair, or refurbishment of their assets under a constrained investment environment and other factors.

North American electric utilities are faced with determining the optimal portfolio of asset investment projects from a number of potential projects subject to major constraints including limited capital funds available for investment, regulatory scrutiny, staff availability, and the need to maintain adequate service reliability.

Successful asset investment planning provides the means for utilities to analyze and evaluate their asset improvement projects in a structured and methodical way to determine the optimal portfolio of projects that minimizes risk and maximizes their return on investment.

Asset investment planning enables asset managers to develop a capital budget plan...


A Closer Look into the True Cost of Replacing Electrical Switchgear

During my switchgear modernization presentations all over the US, I am constantly reminded of the concerns customers face with their aging electrical infrastructure. For the most part, these center around safety, reliability and productivity: • Replacements parts are very hard (or impossible) to...


Improve Energy Efficiency in Underground Systems

Making appropriate cable component design and material choices BY DENNIS DOSS, General Cable ore than ever, society is realizing that energy resources are dwindling and becoming more expensive. In response, North American electric utilities offer consumers a variety of incentives to deploy energy...


Fiber-Reinforced Composite Cross Arms for Transmission Structures

Fiber-reinforced polymers versus traditional cross arms materials BY JANOS TOTH & GRANT LOCKHART, FRP Transmission Innovations Inc. Recently, utilities have started using newer options such as component polyurethanes instead of older, widely used conventional materials. Specifically,...