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Fulham Adds New HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System with Bottom Side Leads for Downlight Installations

Fulham Co., Inc., a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, today announced the addition of a new HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System with bottom side leads and studs (BLS) form factor designed for downlight and troffer installations where the driver resides on top of the fixture. The new BLS configuration makes the HotSpot Plus even more versatile, providing an LED driver with emergency lighting functionality in a...

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BC Hydro Introduces 'Vehicle-to-Grid' Pilot Initiative

BC Hydro has unveiled an innovative pilot project designed to enable electric vehicles (EVs) to contribute electricity back to the power grid, effectively transforming these vehicles into mobile energy storage units. The utility company recently announced the successful trial of the...

Utility News

Case Study: Rapid Changes in Bushing Health

IntroductionContinuous online monitoring of bushings provides real-time information which can result in the early detection of a possible failure. Challenge: A Major AlarmA prominent U.S. utility was looking for a way to improve system reliability for their 138kV assets. They researched and...

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Ground Tester Section Criteria

Ground Tester Section Criteria is important to decide. The electrical grounding component of an electrical facility can be easily overlooked. It doesn’t appear to have an active role. It isn’t moving, doesn’t emit light or sound, or provide data. It’s largely out of sight....

Utility News


OPPORTUNITYA proposal for equipping broadband services to the Fort Collins, CO, municipality was approved by residents and a $120 million bond is now providing Fort Collins with resources to build and improve the municipality’s infrastructure so it can support broadband service for any...

Electrical Substations

Gas-insulated Switchgear Options for Substations

Switching gears in the underground


As demand for energy continues to rise, an increased number of locations around the world require suitable energy solutions that fulfill unique demands. Cities are growing, and so is the demand for power. Urban areas face certain challenges, as space is limited and comes at a premium price. Building new substations is timely and costly. Subterranean power solutions provide new possibilities that not only solve problems, but can also benefit the surrounding environment.

Helping to secure efficient energy supply, with great architectural flexibility and a compact and modular design, gas-insulated switchgear —more commonly known as GIS— lends itself to many different design-concepts such as underground, semi-underground, and on top of buildings.

With the ability to fit into the surrounding architecture or landscape making the substation invisible, and with silent operation, GIS can be integrated into a wide...

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Substation Technologies

Restoring Power: The Mobile Solution

Power has weaved its way into nearly every intrinsic detail of our lives. It has become an afterthought during the course of the day and indeed, it is a staple in our way of life.In July of 2019, in the heart of the nation’s capital, a Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) substation in...
Physical Security & Monitoring

Substation Security

Improve protection with a layered security approach BY ERIC BYRES, Belden Inc. An age-old joke in the North American power industry states that if Alexander Graham Bell walked in the room today, he would not recognize the telephone, the technology, or its business model. However, if Thomas Edison...
Substation Testing & Maintenance

Electrical Substation Maintenance

Improving safety and methodology techniques to protect utility workers BY LARRY LAWRENCE, Lineman’s Testing Laboratories of Canada In 1990, many workplace safety hazards were consistently ignored as if they were “acceptable risk” and an expected part of a worker’s daily routine. Not...