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Application of Symmetric Conditions in the Simulation of High Voltage Power Transmission Models

The height of the power transmitting towers is usually in the range of 10m to 40m and the separation between two consecutive towers is about 200m to 400m. In addition, the area of the ground that needs to be considered in the simulation is large. Therefore, Finite Element Method (FEM) is not suitable for simulation of this application. Whereas Boundary Element Method (BEM) is best suited for these open region problems. This paper refers to...

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Why calibrate test equipment

You’re serious about your electrical test instruments. You buy top brands, and you expect them to be accurate. You know some people send their digital instruments to a metrology lab for calibration, and you wonder why. After all, these are all electronic — there’s no meter movement to go out...

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Ground Tester Section Criteria

Ground Tester Section Criteria is important to decide. The electrical grounding component of an electrical facility can be easily overlooked. It doesn’t appear to have an active role. It isn’t moving, doesn’t emit light or sound, or provide data. It’s largely out of sight. But the...

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Opening the Door to Grid Modernization

IESO stays ahead of Ontario’s rapidly changing marketplace BY PHILL FELTHAM, Editor-in-Chief Electricity Today Magazine Grid modernization is a buzz term used by regulators, utilities, and other participants within North America’s power sector. Modernizing the power grid is the proposed answer...

Crew Scheduling and Dispatch

How mobile solutions improve restoration efforts BY JIM MENTON, ClickSoftware Electric utilities are modernizing the power grid to meet the demands of an increasingly digital society. In the same way, mobile solutions are helping service personnel (line crews, contractors, and supervisors) respond...

Trends in SCADA Security

The importance of up-to-date critical system monitoring

BY MARLEE ROSEN, Rosen Associates

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks contain computers and applications that perform critical capabilities in delivering essential services and commodities (for example, electricity, natural gas, water, waste treatment, wind farms, transportation) to consumers. As such, they are part of America’s critical infrastructure and require protection from a variety of threats that exist in cyber space and even more commonly today, the mentality that “if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it”.

To optimize the collection and analysis of the data and control of equipment such as pumps and valves from remote locations, SCADA networks provide great efficiency and are widely used but many have been set up roughly 15 years ago and left to run without any further concern for product updates or enhancements.

These legacy SCADAs present a tremendous security risk. SCADAs were initially designed to maximize functionality and automate processes, product updates and new revisions. However, SCADA companies merged, ceased to exist or evolved more into manufacturing execution systems (MES). Also, tremendous changes have occurred in the automation industry that have left multitudes of outdated SCADAs in the field. As a result,...