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The Dissolved Gas Analysis Toolkit

Dissolved gas analysis: addressing the challenges of collecting samples BY DONAL SKELLY, GE’s Digital Energy business Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is a technique for identifying and quantifying the gas formed in oil-filled electrical equipment because of either the natural aging of oil and paper...

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Advancements in Dissolved Gas Analysis: CO/CO2 Ratio

For DGA interpretation, faults identified using hydrocarbon gases are considered more serious if they appear to affect paper insulation. That is made explicit in CIGRE technical brochure 771[1]. Production of hydrocarbon gases from the oil by electrical or thermal stress does not significantly...

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The Distribution Transformer - Critical Power System Component

By R.W. Hurst, Editor A distribution transformer is a critical component of the electrical power system, used to reduce the voltage of electrical energy for electric power distribution to end-users. It plays a vital role in voltage regulation and load management, ensuring the efficient and reliable...

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Protection of Electrical Power Transformers

INTRODUCTIONIn most large electrical systems, generators and power transformers are the two most expensive pieces of equipment. In addition to the capital cost of purchase, these two key devices are also the most critical to continuous and reliable operation of the system.Consider, for example, the...

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Reliable Energy-efficient Transformers

Reliable, Energy-efficient Transformers Are an Essential Part of Canada’s Electrical Infrastructure

The Canadian Transformer Industry: At-a-Glance
The Transformer industry is a vital component of our electrical system. Transformers allow the efficient transmission and distribution of power across grids, providing society with safe and reliable access to electricity. The Canadian Transformer industry is a large and growing market, contributing 36% of Canada’s total electrical manufacturing revenue.1
Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) represents leading electrical manufacturers that design, manufacture and market Power, Distribution and Dry-type Transformers, among other electrical equipment,...

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