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Electrical Transformers

Acutran Transformers: Built to Military Precision

Acutran is a veteran-owned custom designer and manufacturer of low- and medium-voltage dry-type transformers from 10VA to 3000kVA with voltages up to 25000V, inductors and reactors, and related components and services.The company was founded in 1983 and is now owned by Mike Evans, who is also the...

Utility Transformers

Designing A Safe & Reliable Transformer Maintenance Program

The critical importance of power to every aspect of our world cannot be over-exaggerated. It must be generated and distributed effectively to end users, and any disruption in that process means loss of operations, money, and in extreme cases, life. Therefore, the reliability of power creation and...

Transformer Monitoring

Advancements in Dissolved Gas Analysis: Risk Assessment

In general, the purpose of periodic screening with DGA for power transformers is risk assessment. Is any transformer likely to fail in service? If so, how severe is the problem? Previous articles in this series have described ways to improve DGA interpretation. In this article we provide a glimpse...

Transformer Testing & Maintenance

Transformer Diagnostic Testing

Transformer diagnostic testing: standards to diagnose equipment with Sweep Frequency Response analysis BY VOLNEY NARANJO, Megger Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) has become a powerful tool in advanced power transformer assessments and probably one of the main and first tools used to...

Transformer Software & Technologies

Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Equipment

Debunking the myths about tested and refurbished equipment BY RISHI SUDAN, RS Electrical Supply Extending the lifecycle of capital equipment such as 15-kilovolt circuit breakers, switchgear, and transformers through testing and reconditioning saves time and money by cutting down on new equipment...

Transformer Protection

Prevent Transformer Shutdown

Power transformers seldom shutdown; however, if a shutdown occurs, the effects would be immediate and devastating to utility operations. According to “An Analysis of Transformer Failures” by William H. Bartley, P.E., on behalf of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, the...

Power Transformers

Advantages of Headspace Hydrogen Monitoring for Network Transformers


The utilization of online dissolved gas analysis monitoring has proven to be one of the most effective predictors of overall transformer health and condition. Monitoring can vary greatly from nine gas to single gas systems to best suit the customers application when considering criticality and cost effectiveness. Multi-gas systems, which provide individual ppm levels for hydrogen and hydrocarbon gases generated, are required for providing the level of data necessary to apply analytics concerning transformer....

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