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End-to-End Monitoring Systems Feeds Situational Awareness

By Brian Sparling
substation assets online monitoring

For many years the limit for normal apparatus loading was based on the maximum nameplate rating or an arbitrarily set value, called ‘the red line’.

On-line monitoring of power transformers and circuit breakers for condition assessment has gained popularity over the past twenty-five years, the typical technology adoption period, from concept to commercial reality in the electric utility industry.

What are the benefits of implementing End-to-End monitoring of power transformers and
circuit breakers?

  • Provides Situational Awareness of electrical assets operating closer to their
    capacity without compromising safety or reliability.
  • Fully optimize real-time substation loading/overloading based on actual site conditions, including asset condition or operating modes.
  • Assist in making intelligent decisions about load management based on actual circumstances.
  • Forecast (predict) operating conditions used to facilitate condition-based maintenance (CBM) programs or agency reporting (such as environmental reporting of SF6 release).
  • Collect operational and accumulated loss of life data to enable estimation of the residual.

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