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Smart Grid

Sensus Reach Conference Gathers Utility Leaders to Help Build Smarter Cities

RALEIGH, NC (Sept. 27, 2016) – (Click-to-Tweet) – Communities across North America are looking for ways to take a smart city and make it smarter. Delivering energy and water efficiently is smart. Making data-driven decisions that reduce water leaks, limit power outages, ensure the safe delivery of natural gas and turn a streetlight into a beacon of technology is even smarter. Sharing industry best practices at the 2016 Sensus Reach Conference allows utilities, city leaders and business executives to get one step closer to building a smarter city.

Thought leaders and subject matter experts will provide insight into how Sensus’ solutions ranging from lighting to water impact the industry and increase efficiency on a large scale. Information sessions will highlight how the Sensus FlexNet® communication network is helping build smarter cities.


“By providing an environment where industry professionals can learn more about Sensus technologies and share best practices with their peers, we can strengthen our business and meet customer demands,” said Sensus President Randy Bays. “Our goal for this year’s Reach Conference is to exceed customer expectations by working together to build smarter communities.”


During the three-day, 120-session conference, attendees will learn how energy and water solutions can create reliable and efficient technologies for their communities. The most highly anticipated sessions include:

  • Smart Water Pressure Solutions and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring
  • Practical Applications of Sensus Analytics
  • Distributed Intelligence in the Smart Grid
  • Building a Smarter Grid and City with Lighting
  • The Law and the Internet of Things


In addition to the training and customer-led sessions, attendees will hear from Jesse Berst, Founder and Chairman, Smart Cities Council and George Kunkel, Principal, Kunkel Water Efficiency Consulting. Motivational speakers include, Sharon Wood, the first North American woman to summit Mt. Everest and Passing Zone entertainers Jon Wee and Owen Morse.


The 2016 Sensus Reach Conference occurs Nov. 6-9 in Palm Desert, California. Register now.


About Sensus

Sensus helps a wide range of public service providers—from utilities to cities to industrial complexes and campuses—do more with their infrastructure to improve quality of life in their communities. We enable our customers to reach farther through the application of technology and data-driven insights that deliver efficiency and responsiveness. We partner with them to anticipate and respond to evolving business needs with innovation in sensing and communications technologies, data analytics and services. Learn more at and follow @SensusGlobal on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Smart Grid

Utilities Bank on IoT for Network Reliability Improvement to Decrease Lost Revenue


Power grids around the world are getting smarter thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). While Smart Grid technologies are making the headlines, and poised to grow to more than $118 billion by 2019, according to November 2015 research from analyst firm Transparency Market Research—many utilities just aren’t ready to make the jump to full Smart Grid capabilities. In many cases, it’s the smaller improvements and IoT implementations in addition to larger-scale Smart Grid deployments

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Smart Grid

Using Transformer Monitoring Via the IoT to Combat Electricity Theft


According to the annual Emerging Markets Smart Grid: Outlook 2015 study by the Northeast Group, LLC, the world loses US$89.3 billion annually to electricity theft, with the top 50 emerging market countries losing $58.7 billion annually compared with $30.6bn in the rest of the world, including the largest industrialized economies.

In one of the more widely publicized cases recently, B.C. Hydro in Canada estimates that it was losing about 850 gigawatt hours per year due to electricity theft, that equates to more than $500 million in electricity, according to the company’s website.

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Smart Grid

Five Uses for Reliability Data

Image 1

Despite the fact that electricity is such a critical commodity for every aspect of our lives, its importance is often overlooked. From school children watching educational videos, to the working adult using computers to national leaders taking selfies with their electorate, the electricity that enables it all is given little thought.

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