Restoring Power: The Mobile Solution

By Delta Star Inc.

Power has weaved its way into nearly every intrinsic detail of our lives. It has become an afterthought during the course of the day and indeed, it is a staple in our way of life.
In July of 2019, in the heart of the nation’s capital, a Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) substation in Washington, D.C., experienced an equipment failure. In a matter of seconds, the power went out. The failure of the public utility transformer caused confusion and chaos within minutes as businesses were forced to turn away customers, individuals were trapped in elevators, and traffic signals misguided the afternoon commuters.
The equipment failure impacted neighborhoods, businesses, college campuses, hospitals, and a public transit hub. Numerous individuals began working rigorously to resolve a pressing issue. The end goal to get the power back online, would need to be solved through a not-so-simple solution. Washington, D.C. needed a Mobile Transformer Substation (MTS). Fortunately, PEPCO’s leadership team had been adequately trained and prepared to respond quickly in such circumstances.
With a PEPCO substation out of commission in D.C., and thousands of individuals experiencing the lingering effects of an outage, the search for an MTS intensified.

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