High Voltage Testing with AC Power Frequency


High Voltage, Inc. is a small design and manufacturing company located in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. Although small, we are a large presence in the electrical test equipment industry with a representative organization covering most of the world and a highly respected product line used in a variety of industries and applications.

Most of our products produce high voltage and can be grouped by output waveform. We offer ac and dc hipots, very low frequency ac hipots for testing shielded power cables, and capacitive discharge cable fault locators. We also produce oil breakdown testers, cable neutral integrity testers and a line of high voltage dividers that allow measurement of voltages up to 300 kV (ac and dc) with your scope or multimeter.
This article will focus on our ac hipot dielectric tester lines. This includes our PFT line of portable ac hipots, typically used for testing switchgear and other electrical apparatus. With output ratings from 10 to 100 kV ac rms and 50 / 60 Hz (the frequency you put in is what you get out). Models rated up to 50 kV have a shielded output cable. 40, 65, and 100 kV models are a two-piece design and are bus-connected to the test object, using bare wire or conductive pipe. Model PFT-503CM is rated 0 to 50 kV ac and is our most popular model, due to its single piece construction and cable output, features rare at this ac output voltage rating. It is perfect for ac testing 15 kV vacuum bottles and breakers.

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