ASHER Cable Scrapper from TSE


The TSE Cable Scrapper is Al Asher and Sons’ latest product innovation for 2015. Formerly known as OK Champion, the industry has long recognized the Cable Scrapper as the go-to product for salvaging underground cable up to four-inch diameter.

The machine will pull, cut, and load cable all day long in one continuous operation, saving countless man-hours and extra equipment. Equipped with a 24,000-pound capacity boom take-up winch, set-up in a manhole or vault takes only minutes with deep penetration and infinite pulling angles, eliminating time-consuming jigs and make-ready adjustments.

Now, you can purchase the TSE Cable Scrapper with remote radio controls for the bed winch, which will digitally and effortlessly record pulling torque and speed values.

Enhanced hydraulic circuitry improvements also are available to promote longevity and reduce heat and wear in the system. The bed winch operation features a new and vastly improved interwoven style of steel cable, which eliminates clogs and cross-overlay problems associated with rapid deployment in underground cable work. Asher stocks units for sale or rental throughout the United States.

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