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Alternative Vehicle Options: Upfitted Vans for Utilities

By Phill Feltham

Utility workers and linemen work in one of the most mobile industries in the country. Think about it: utility workers are always moving from one project to the next as efficiently as possible. Since utility workers rely so heavily on their work vehicles, it is critical that they drive a vehicle that works best for their needs.

Fleet managers now have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, ranging from utility trucks, to light-duty trucks, to cargo vans. Since utility workers are always on the move, their work vehicles must be more than just a mode of transportation.

A work vehicle must also function as a mobile office and a storage hub for tools and equipment. Utility workers do not always have time to drive to the main office before heading to the next jobsite, so their vehicles must be prepared for all possible scenarios. A utility work vehicle should have file storage capabilities, as well as secure storage for expensive tools and equipment. Some utility workers may even require a workspace within their vehicles.

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