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Internet of Things Phenomenon

By Phill Feltham

The introduction of wearable smart watches was a major
step forward for Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the consumer electronics arena, and the next major step for computing. The Guardian News, a U.K.-based national newspaper, calls this next era a “programmable world” where multiple objects, such as watches and sunglasses, will be connected to the Internet to serve the user automatically. Smart watches and other wearables fit well into this definition.

Besides consumer use, IoT has caught the eye of the power
industry. In fact, electric utilities are already purchasing—and using—existing technologies from various manufacturers and vendors to enable IoT deployments. Industry organizations such as the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) are in the process of implementing new standards for use as well.

Currently, an IEEE Working Group is developing the IEEE P2413: “Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things”. This standard defines an architectural framework for the Internet of Things, including descriptions of various IoT domains as well as domain abstractions. Additionally, the standard identifies commonalities among the different IoT domains.

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