Tire Management for Utility Fleet Vehicles


Maintenance, performance tracking can help optimize assets

BY BRIAN BUCKHAM, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems

As utility trucks spring into action during and after severe weather events, the risk of tire damage due to storm-related debris increases exponentially. Tires on utility trucks also may encounter dynamics such as curbing and scrubbing as they maneuver around tight spaces. Consequently, utility fleet managers must specify the correct tires for their trucks before these vehicles hit the road.

Truck tire tread patterns and tread depths are designed for specific performance benefits, while tread rubber compounds are tailored to specific applications. For example, long haul tires, in general, are designed to wear slowly. Regional truck tires, such as those used on utility trucks, are engineered to deliver scrub resistance and other benefits.

The aforementioned performance features can help tires stay in service longer and perform better, which will help utility fleets optimize their considerable tire investment. Truck tires can represent a significant capital outlay, so we recommend that electric utilities engage in a tire maintenance program that includes tire inflation, balancing, and alignment.

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