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Energy Storage & Grid Integration

Distribution Automation

Future-proofing Substations with Ethernet Technologies

Nine steps to help develop a future-proof infrastructure for your substation BY TIM WALLAERT, Belden Substations with Ethernet technologies: the convergence of industrial Ethernet technologies, Smart Grid practices and the increased need for security has provided an opportunity for power utilities...

Substation Automation

A Grid With Multiple Applications

Examining the foundational elements in architecture decision BY TOM WILSON, Itron In recent years, the utility industry has seen a diverse set of use cases for Smart Grid deployments emerge. North American electric utilities are carefully considering architecture decisions to ensure that the...

Smart Metering

Extracting Value From Big Data

Moving forward with distribution automation and intelligent electronic devices BY JOHN MCDONALD, GE Digital Energy The ongoing rollout of interval (aka “smart”) meters and the resulting deluge of data have rightly received much attention and triggered the initial impetus for electric utility...

Utility Automation & Monitoring

Opening the Door to Grid Modernization

IESO stays ahead of Ontario’s rapidly changing marketplace BY PHILL FELTHAM, Editor-in-Chief Electricity Today Magazine Grid modernization is a buzz term used by regulators, utilities, and other participants within North America’s power sector. Modernizing the power grid is the proposed answer...

Asset Management & Maintenance

Hardening the Power Grid

How to improve reliability by hardening the power grid BY BO ZENG, WEI YUAN & LONG ZHAO, University of South Florida North America relies heavily on its interconnected power grid. Throughout its history, the grid has provided years of reliable electricity to 300 million people to power home...

T&D Automation


A Primer on the Codes and Standards Governing Battery Safety and Compliance

Batteries have greatly influenced the utility industry, and the evolution of battery chemistries has revolutionized their applications. With the emergence of new technologies and advancements in existing ones, standards committees and safety code writers are working to develop best practices and establish minimum safety guidelines.
These groups, comprised of volunteers from diverse industry segments, are actively involved in shaping the standards and model codes that govern battery usage and safety. Their efforts are aimed at...

T&D Automation Articles