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Big Data


Currently, modern electric utilities are facing an avalanche of new data. Each new system deployed presents a tremendous amount of information that can provide great value to the utility. Unfortunately, the tools available to work with this information are often rudimentary and create difficulties...

Renewable Energy Connections

Transforming power grids for an efficient future

With a fast-growing global population and increasing levels of industrialization, demand for electricity is expected to soar 60 percent between now and 2040. That means power grids will be called on to transmit more power, more efficiently. And to do so, they’ll have to adapt to an evolving...

Grid Communications

Distribution Grid Monitoring Technologies

How to improve situational awareness of grid operations BY MARK FEDERLE, QinetiQ North America The adoption of Smart Grid technology in recent years has accelerated the modernization of the electric utility grid. This is a positive development given that the grid infrastructure in North America is,...


Distribution Management Ecosystems

How utilities can yield significant operational benefits BY JEFF WALZ, Siemens Smart Grid As North American electric utilities continue to transform their existing electric delivery assets into a smarter grid, strong emphasis is placed on systems, products, and services that provide value in...

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Writing Smart Grid Requirements

Managing change with positive thinking to make the most of investments BY JOHN MCDONALD, IEEE Senior Member, GE Energy Management - Digital Energy The process of writing requirements for Smart Grid-related technology purchases may appear simple and straightforward. It is not. As the technology...


Smart Transformers

Maximizing continuous and reliable power output, extending the life of a power transformer, and reducing maintenance costs are just a few of the benefits motivating electric utilities to move toward buying a “smart transformer”, electrical equipment integrated with Smart Grid-enabling software...

Smart Grid

Smart Grid Software & Apps

Utilities worldwide are adopting innovative technology to embrace the potential of the Smart Grid while conquering a myriad of new challenges posed by it, and by a new host of financial and regulatory challenges.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities presented, while at the same time, tackling the challenges head-on, today’s utilities require innovative and robust tools for operating and managing its operational technology.

Furthermore, today’s best software applications—shouldering such tasks as...

Smart Grid Articles