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Big Data

Optimizing Enterprise with Analytics

How utilities can become data-driven organizations As industry challenges continue to grow, the pressure on utilities to optimize their operations has never been stronger. From amplified pressure to manage customer relationships more effectively to the ever-present need to cut operational costs,...

Grid Modernization

Integrating the North American Power Grid

How the U.S. and Canada maximize their working relationship BY PATRICK BROWN, Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) North America is shifting towards a new energy paradigm. Where it was once viewed through the prism of scarcity, some are now beginning to speak of energy in the language of...

Utility Automation & Monitoring

Microgrids: Moving Away From Central Power

Asset management evolves as microgrids play various roles BY MASSOUD AMIN, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Microgrids, as many readers are aware, are small power systems of several megawatts (MW) or less in scale that possess three primary characteristics: distributed...


Cutting Through the Noise

In a conference room in early 2017, a group of Transmission operators, supervisors, and executives at Ameren sat down in an effort to craft a strategic analytics roadmap that would tackle the new challenges associated with transmission operations. One of the first questions the group posed to...


White Paper: Convergence of IT & OT to Build a Successful Smart Grid

Build a successful Smart Grid with IT and OT technologies Utilities have found that the newest technological advancements can help achieve significant progress towards the requirements of those three drivers. These advancements appear most visible in the areas of communications, sensors, control...

Renewable Energy Connections

Integrating Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Preparing the distribution grid to embrace PEVs BY ARINDAM MAITRA & JASON TAYLOR, Electric Power Research Institute As customer adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) continues to grow so does the potential for adverse consequences to distribution system operations and assets. These...

Smart Grid

Smart Grid Privacy

U.S. government announces new voluntary guidelines to address public concerns

BY PHILL FELTHAM, Editor-in-Chief
Electricity Today Magazine

Smart Grid equals innovation to many utilities and their customers, but not everyone shares that sentiment. In fact, many customers and media outlets perceive the Smart Grid as a way for utilities and third parties to invade their privacy (the negative publicity toward smart meters is one great example).

Luckily, governments in both Canada and the United States...

Smart Grid Articles