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Outage Management & Restoration

Outage Management Review: When the Lights Go Out


The occurrence of severe weather events is on the rise at an alarming rate. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, extreme weather events that used to happen once every 40 years now occur as frequently as every six years in some regions; severe weather is expected to become even more frequent over the next four decades due to the effects of climate change. Read more

Outage Management & Restoration

Outage Management Review: Outage Intelligence


The permeation of intelligence into the medium-voltage network is continuing apace, bringing the reality of the Smart Grid ever closer. One target of the Smart Grid is to improve service continuity by recognizing, locating, and isolating faults as quickly as possible.

Concurrently, the amount of equipment taken out of service should be minimized in order to keep energy provision to the consumer at a maximum. Although faults and outages have always occurred in the power network, their frequency has increased with the growth of renewable energy sources connecting to the power grid. In order to mitigate the effects of faults and outages, improve continuity and quality of electrical service, and increase the network energy efficiency while minimizing losses, it becomes necessary for network monitoring equipment to work in real time and intelligently.

Outage Management & Restoration

Outage Management: Restore Power in Less Time


Improving power grid reliability is a major goal of the electric power industry and can reduce economic losses, lost productivity, and customer inconvenience from power disruptions. For several utilities, Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) funding accelerated the application of fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR) technologies and systems that help accomplish fewer and shorter outages. Read more

Outage Management & Restoration

Q&A: PSE&G Reflects on Hurricane Sandy


Q: Reflecting back at Hurricane Sandy two years ago, what steps did PSE&G take to restore power? What were the lessons learned?

OUR EXPERT | Richard Wernsing, Manager of Asset Strategy, Electric at Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) Read more

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