Customer Billing Service Options


As competition among electric utilities heats up and additional retailers enter the market with electricity offerings, a noticeable trend has emerged: a heightened focus on the customer experience. Larger conglomerates and smaller providers alike have made service and communication objectives a top priority in hopes of standing out above competitors and improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Many electric utilities are exploring new technologies such as online customer service portals and even mobile payment options to provide customers the type of experience they have come to expect. Beyond delivering superior electrical services, exceptional customer service relies on a smooth, easy, and accurate billing and payment process.

When it comes to this aspect of their businesses, many electric utilities are considering more progressive tools to enhance the customer experience such as improving the aesthetics of billing statements as well as accepting payments online and via mobile devices. Such software offerings have become cost effective and intuitive enough to use in-house without calling information technology (IT) or software programming professionals.

Updating billing and payment processes with new tools that enhance software deployment streamlines the critical functions of paying bills online while improving electric utilities’ customer interaction.

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