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Transformer Software & Technologies

Grounding Transformers Explained

By R. W. Hurst, Editor Grounding transformers are used to provide a path to ground for unbalanced load current and for fault currents on systems where a suitable ground is otherwise not available. Grounding transformers are normally constructed with one of the two configurations: Zig-Zag (Zn) with...

Electrical Transformers

Industry and Education

As we see the electrical industry advance it is obvious the demographics will be challenged. The infrastructure investment needs of the electrical and renewable energy grid will reach the $billions$ over the next 15-20 years with expensive, complex and specialized training and education needs. ...

Dielectric Fluids

Dielectric Voltage Testing – Standard Methods

There are two standard methods from ASTM International: D877, Standard Test Method for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of Insulating Liquids Using Disk Electrodes, and D1816, Standard Test Method for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of Insulating Oils of Petroleum Origin Using VDE Electrodes. VDE stands...

Transformer Protection

Prevent Transformer Shutdown

Power transformers seldom shutdown; however, if a shutdown occurs, the effects would be immediate and devastating to utility operations. According to “An Analysis of Transformer Failures” by William H. Bartley, P.E., on behalf of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, the...

Transformer Testing & Maintenance

Utility Transformers

How the Calisto® R9 is Transforming Dissolved Gas Analysis

Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is essential for utility professionals worldwide to keep the power grid running safely and efficiently. No other tool provides better insight into transformer health.Online DGA monitoring brings the added advantages of early fault detection and the ability to keep...

Power Transformers

Using Transformer Monitoring Via the IoT to Combat Electricity Theft

According to the annual Emerging Markets Smart Grid: Outlook 2015 study by the Northeast Group, LLC, the world loses US$89.3 billion annually to electricity theft, with the top 50 emerging market countries losing $58.7 billion annually compared with $30.6bn in the rest of the world, including the largest industrialized economies.

In one of the more widely publicized cases recently, B.C. Hydro in Canada estimates that it was losing about 850 gigawatt hours per year due to...

Power Transformers Articles