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Demand Response

The New Demand Response


Demand response—in the traditional sense—is deceased. The new demand response, on the other hand, builds on lessons learned and provides the path for integration of technology, customers, and programs. This new definition of demand response is enabling active load management using price responsive demand as a component of a transactive energy portfolio, but first some history. Read more

Demand Response

The Demand Response Revolution


For decades, utilities have been deploying demand response to achieve a variety of load shaping objectives, most notably peak reduction in response to grid conditions. Since their inception in the 1990s, independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission organizations (RTOs) have also been dispatching demand response along with supply-side resources to help maintain the reliability of bulk power systems. Read more

Demand Response

Demand Response Communications


Weighing choices from AMI to Zigbee to Wi-Fi and cellular

BY HOWARD NG, Comverge

The demand response industry is currently experiencing some of its greatest success currently in the marketplace. However, similar to all technologies that stand the test of time, demand response started somewhere different from where the technology is now. The communication protocols available for demand response participants and their respective utilities, in particular, have evolved significantly. Read more

Demand Response

Historical facts on Ontario’s peaksaver PLUS


Many electric utilities in Ontario have been providing the peaksaver PLUS demand response program to their customers. According to the peaksaver PLUS website, this program is designed to help customers reduce demands on the power grid.

The program has proven to be very effective. During peak demand times, often on hot summer days, a signal is sent to reduce electricity demand in a customer’sair conditioning system, consequently, reducing the amount of power needed by Ontario. The peaksaver PLUS website states that customers will not notice a difference, and that consumers are doing their part to conserve without incurring time, effort or cost. Read more

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