Five Uses for Reliability Data


Despite the fact that electricity is such a critical commodity for every aspect of our lives, its importance is often overlooked. From school children watching educational videos, to the working adult using computers to national leaders taking selfies with their electorate, the electricity that enables it all is given little thought.

The concept of reliability for the provision of electricity to customers has existed since power lines started going up across the continent.  In providing electricity to the masses, we need to ask, how often can we keep those “lights” on? How reliable is this service? In 2016 it’s more than just lights — it’s also coffee makers, computers, televisions, phones, banking systems, telecom networks and servers, elevators, manufacturing equipment, refrigeration systems, life-support systems, and so much more.

In today’s electrified world, we use data and numbers to measure and communicate results for planning improvements. Good and quality data is needed to obtain these tasty statistical nuggets of information that people, companies and governments love to consume.

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