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Big Data

Information Technology and the Power Grid

Ten information technology trends transforming the power industry BY PHILL FELTHAM, Editor-in-Chief Electricity Today Magazine Information technology is a term that almost sounds like a cliché. However, information technology, or IT, has affected almost every industry worldwide. For example, the...


Emergency Power for Data Centers

Why not all static UPS systems are created equal BY KARLA E. BERT, P.E., Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. In our cloud-based digital world, data must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week—no matter the state of the electrical grid. Computer downtime not only affects...

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Cyber Security Strategy is a Must-Have for AMI/MDMS and DA Systems

Over the past decade, utilities around the world have taken advantage of the many clear benefits that Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and subsequently Distribution Automation (DA) can afford. In addition to the proven cost savings of automated and remote meter reading, utilities have been...


Smart Transformers

Maximizing continuous and reliable power output, extending the life of a power transformer, and reducing maintenance costs are just a few of the benefits motivating electric utilities to move toward buying a “smart transformer”, electrical equipment integrated with Smart Grid-enabling software...

Grid Modernization


Recent technological and economic events are poised to transform the electric utility industry. Described as “game changers” by industry thought-leaders, these “disruptive challenges” stem from a convergence of factors. 1 Distributed energy resources (DER) and demand-side management (DSM)...

Grid Communications

Machine to Machine Communications

Connecting the ‘smart’ with the ‘grid’ with M2M technology BY JEFF DIXON, Freewave Technologies As the world becomes increasingly connected, the integration of smart devices and tools, such as sensors, process control devices, smart meters, and security cameras have increased the need for...

Smart Grid

Aging Infrastructure and Grid Modernization

Asset and risk management for electric utilities


Aging transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure is a critical issue for electric utilities, resulting in the need for utilities to make decisions regarding the replacement, repair, or refurbishment of their assets under a constrained investment environment and other factors.

North American electric utilities are faced with determining the optimal portfolio of asset investment projects from a number of potential projects...

Smart Grid Articles