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Big Data


Currently, modern electric utilities are facing an avalanche of new data. Each new system deployed presents a tremendous amount of information that can provide great value to the utility. Unfortunately, the tools available to work with this information are often rudimentary and create difficulties to take advantage of the potential value “locked up” in this data.

For example, a modern advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system can collect meter readings much more frequently than what is actually necessary for basic customer billing. Current systems can collect meter readings every hour, or even more frequently, if desired.

In addition, modern residential meters can measure voltages, move power flows forward and backwards, count power blinks, report outages, and detect a variety of operational problems, including tampering. Modern polyphase meters can measure power factors, voltage balance between phases, harmonic content, and reactive power, among others. The AMI head end collects all the aforementioned information, but utilities are having difficulties using the collected data.

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Big Data

Adopting Smart Grid Standards

Utilize industry guidelines for modern and future technologies

BY W. CHARLTON ADAMS JR., IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), Huawei Technologies

A vision is coalescing worldwide of people ubiquitously connected across smart cities, smart buildings, smart cars and, perhaps, even through sensors on or in their bodies. The globally emerging Smart Grid is the foundational platform on which the “connected person” ideal—toward longer, healthier, and more fulfilling living around the globe—is taking shape.

The world’s technology community has been working for many years to build the infrastructure, networking, generation, automation, operation, and distribution necessary to connect more people in more ways and improve lives worldwide. Those efforts have grown more intense and far-reaching in recent years in the rollout of the Smart Grid.

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