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Transformer Software & Technologies

Smart Transformers


Maximizing continuous and reliable power output, extending the life of a power transformer, and reducing maintenance costs are just a few of the benefits motivating electric utilities to move toward buying a “smart transformer”, electrical equipment integrated with Smart Grid-enabling software systems. Read more

Transformer Software & Technologies

Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Equipment


Debunking the myths about tested and refurbished equipment

BY RISHI SUDAN, RS Electrical Supply

Extending the lifecycle of capital equipment such as 15-kilovolt circuit breakers, switchgear, and transformers through testing and reconditioning saves time and money by cutting down on new equipment purchases and eliminating associated downtime with major equipment replacement. However, many utilities doubt the reliability of reconditioned electrical equipment for a number of reasons. Many utilities believe that reconditioned equipment is not as safe or reliable as newly manufactured equipment. However, a closer look at the facts reveals a different story. Read more

Transformer Software & Technologies

Transformers and the Power Grid


Transformers and the power grid: A look at the critical components of the electrical system


Electrical transformers are a vital ingredient to the power grid. Without these assets, electricity generation and transmission over long distances would not be possible nor would it power urban centres and industrial complexes. Once a thriving Canadian industry, transformer manufacturing has been challenged in recent years by increasing competition from offshore players with dumping margins close to 20 percent and a loss of skilled resources mainly due to an aging workforce. Read more

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