2015 Asset Management Plan


Taking a predictive, proactive approach to maintenance

BY RODGER SMITH, Oracle Utilities

Delivering highly reliable, low-cost service that customers value and regulators demand is becoming ever more difficult as each year passes. The challenges to doing so are not confined to just one service type. Electric, gas and water utilities each face their own daunting issues.

Electric utilities have to capitalize and deliver on Smart Grid investment well beyond time-of-use pricing. Gas providers are held to ever-higher levels of accountability due to concerns over safety. Moreover, water utilities confront crumbling infrastructure and the need to make crucial network repair-or-replace decisions in the midst of ongoing drought and supply scarcity.

With operating costs skyrocketing, all utilities, no matter what their service type, are being forced to reduce expenses while also finding new ways to decrease their environmental impact and deliver more customer-centric service. This is where asset management comes in.

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