Canada’s Strategy for Tomorrow’s Grid


Taking the next step forward toward grid modernization


North America is shifting towards a new energy paradigm. Where it was once viewed through the prism of scarcity and offshore imports, some are now beginning to speak of energy in the language of North American self-sufficiency and abundance. We increasingly understand that we have access to multiple energy sources within a highly interconnected energy system and that diversity of supply is a key principle of our future energy systems.

Still, the achievement of North American independence from volatile global energy markets is not a foregone conclusion. Economic recovery efforts remain fragile. The supply and delivery infrastructure for our energy resources needs upgrading, while security remains an ongoing concern.

Moreover, perhaps most importantly, transformative events in the market—such as the North American boom in natural gas production—have overtaken increasingly outdated policy structures across Canada and the United States. Policy and regulatory frameworks need to be modernized to better reflect the opportunities and challenges that come from these significant shifts in our energy dynamics.

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