2013 Guide on Cutting Edge Smart Grid Technologies

Seven intelligent technologies transforming the industry

BY LINDA JACKMAN, Oracle Utilities

As the Smart Grid continues to mature, new technologies with increased flexibility are making a significant impact on how the utilities industry moves forward. Beset with constrained budgets and increasingly severe weather, electric utilities are beginning to analyze and use the volumes of new data collected by smart meters and other smart devices in order to increase both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As the utilities industry around the world begins to share new technology best practices, Smart Grid technology continues to evolve. Both business intelligence and data analytics will play growing roles in the new utility. Here, Oracle Utilities and Electricity Today Magazine hone the focus on seven cutting edge Smart Grid technologies and their roles in transforming the industry, focusing on the ways in which each improves efficiency, and how utilities should use it. The responses are based on the features and functions of Oracle Utilities products. Not all products in the technology categories specified will be able to help utilities improve efficiency in these ways.

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