Arborist Reflects on 2013 Ice Storm


Utility arborists step forward to lend a helping hand

BY VESNA PLAZACIC, Ontario College of Trades

It was nasty, brutish and—unfortunately—the very opposite of short. Ontario’s electric utilities as well as their customers will not soon forget the bite of this past winter; punctuated by the blackout caused by the massive ice storm that ripped through southern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

In the aftermath of that storm, when thousands of people across North America were caught in Mother Nature’s icy clutches, a small team of tradespeople led the charge to clear the fallen trees from power lines and bring electricity back to our frozen homes—thanks, in part, to utility arborists.

Mike Greer, a manager at Hydro One and chair of the Utility Arborist Industry Committee, was one of the frontline workers in the aftermath of the storm. He said that arborists from across Ontario were eager to assist anyone in need of help.

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