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Transformer Protection

Prevent Transformer Shutdown

Power transformers seldom shutdown; however, if a shutdown occurs, the effects would be immediate and devastating to utility operations. According to “An Analysis of Transformer Failures” by William H. Bartley, P.E., on behalf of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, the...

Dielectric Fluids

Advancements in Dissolved Gas Analysis: Investigating Failure Cases

IntroductionDissolved gas analysis (DGA) provides the early warning radar view of a transformer fleet with a non-intrusive screening process for early identification of problematic transformers. Suspicious transformers can be subjected to more invasive and costly physical testing to determine the...

Transformer Software & Technologies

Optimal Transformer Efficiency Using Weighted Average

In order to improve the efficiency of electrical distribution in commercial buildings, the US Department of Energy (DOE) introduced regulations with more stringent minimums on transformer efficiencies in January 2016. This was covered under the Code of Federal Regulations 10 CFR Part 431.192 and...

Electrical Transformers

New Line of Transformer Oil Exclusively for Canada

This summer, Aevitas Inc. announced a partnership with Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. to bring improved access to premier transformer oil products across Canada. Aevitas will exclusively distribute Calumet’s new line of Caltran™ insulating oil — Caltran C50 — in the Canadian...

Utility Transformers

Power Transformer Failures

Electric utilities maximize utilization of their assets, while maintaining reliability. Power transformers are typically reliable, but have been known to fail suddenly and/or prematurely. Transformer failures are both costly and can leave customers dissatisfied, harming the reputation of a utility....

Transformer Testing & Maintenance

Transient Analysis of Power Transformers Using Finite Element Method

A transformer relies on electromagnetic induction through coils to transfer electric energy between two or more circuits. Varying current in the transformer’s primary winding creates varying magnetic flux in the core, which produces varying electromotive force (EMF) or voltage in the...

Power Transformers

transformer oil

Leakers, What a Mess!

Electric Substation apparatus, transformers and circuit breakers, are the workhorses of the electric transmission grid. Our focus in this article is on the issue of dielectric media leaks. Specifically, oil in large power transformers and oil or SF6 gas in power circuit breakers. Oil and gas leaks both have their share of risks to the environment.
Financial control is playing a big part in the management of the assets in today’s electric utilities. The repair...

Power Transformers Articles