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Smart Metering

Five Uses for Reliability Data

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Despite the fact that electricity is such a critical commodity for every aspect of our lives, its importance is often overlooked. From school children watching educational videos, to the working adult using computers to national leaders taking selfies with their electorate, the electricity that enables it all is given little thought.

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Smart Metering

Customer Billing Service Options

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As competition among electric utilities heats up and additional retailers enter the market with electricity offerings, a noticeable trend has emerged: a heightened focus on the customer experience. Larger conglomerates and smaller providers alike have made service and communication objectives a top priority in hopes of standing out above competitors and improving customer satisfaction and retention.

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Smart Metering

The New Demand Response


Demand response—in the traditional sense—is deceased. The new demand response, on the other hand, builds on lessons learned and provides the path for integration of technology, customers, and programs. This new definition of demand response is enabling active load management using price responsive demand as a component of a transactive energy portfolio, but first some history. Read more

Smart Metering

The Intelligent City of Tomorrow


The term “smart city” is becoming increasingly common, especially in the public services sector. Cities of all sizes have interdependent systems, from electricity, water, and gas utilities to transportation systems to municipal lighting systems. Read more

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