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Utility Automation & Monitoring

Renewable Realities

Heavy incentives for small-scale distributed generation are floating around parts of Canada—and are growing globally. With large-scale generation becoming harder to build and having longer lead times, even utilities are looking favorably on small-scale distributed generation, such as residential photovoltaic (PV) generation. Read more


Utility Automation & Monitoring

Adopting Smart Grid Standards

Utilize industry guidelines for modern and future technologies

BY W. CHARLTON ADAMS JR., IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), Huawei Technologies

A vision is coalescing worldwide of people ubiquitously connected across smart cities, smart buildings, smart cars and, perhaps, even through sensors on or in their bodies. The globally emerging Smart Grid is the foundational platform on which the “connected person” ideal—toward longer, healthier, and more fulfilling living around the globe—is taking shape.

The world’s technology community has been working for many years to build the infrastructure, networking, generation, automation, operation, and distribution necessary to connect more people in more ways and improve lives worldwide. Those efforts have grown more intense and far-reaching in recent years in the rollout of the Smart Grid.

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Utility Automation & Monitoring

Distribution Automation

A growing requirement for electrical grids


The concept of distribution automation came into play in the 1970s, after the need to enhance power-system reliability and efficiency saw the distribution system becoming increasingly automated. The main purpose was to utilize emerging information and communication technology to enhance the operating performance of distribution systems.

The increased interest in distribution automation is due to the emergence of new technologies, particularly measuring devices and sensors, communication equipment, and advanced computing and power electronics equipment, as well as new control and protection ideas.

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