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Grid Communications

Future of Utility Communications

Increasingly, electric utilities are deploying intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and other smart apparatus in substations and along distribution feeders as well as equipping field workers with laptop, tablet and handheld computers. Electric utilities are also installing specialized computers and software in substations plus enterprise software applications in their data centers to automate various facets of utility operations.

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Grid Communications

The Art of Communications Technology

North America’s critical infrastructure grabs headlines in two ways. First, if catastrophe occurs (a switch opens or a transformer blows) or power grid equipment fails, the media will be on standby to report the story. Second, when political leaders talk about investing in critical infrastructure for the nation’s future, media representatives will be on hand to report the details to the public. Read more

Grid Communications

Smart Grid Network Best Practices

The Smart Grid is changing the way utilities generate, manage, and deliver electricity. The benefits are numerous as Smart Grid technologies help utilities save time, money, resources and improve customer service. If on the verge of Smart Grid innovation, electric utilities should follow the breadcrumbs left behind by early adopters. Allow these innovators’ lessons learned help create a business case that moves ongoing or forthcoming projects forward. Read more

Grid Communications

Wireless Technology for Electric Utilities

The electric industry is making the transformation from a centralized, producer-controlled network to one that is less centralized and more consumer interactive. An automated, widely distributed energy delivery network, the Smart Grid, is characterized by a two-way flow of electricity and information, and potentially is capable of monitoring everything from power plants to customer behavior to individual appliance performance. Read more

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