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Fleets & Mobile Computing

Utility Mobility

Utility workers are often subjected to challenging working conditions for hours at a time, yet are responsible for many mission-critical tasks. These workers must communicate with the entire organization while also representing the customer-facing side of their company.

Equipping workers with mobile devices can provide a number of benefits, among them improving utility services, reducing response time, and boosting field worker productivity. Read more


Fleets & Mobile Computing

Alternative Vehicle Options: Upfitted Vans for Utilities

Utility workers and linemen work in one of the most mobile industries in the country. Think about it: utility workers are always moving from one project to the next as efficiently as possible. Since utility workers rely so heavily on their work vehicles, it is critical that they drive a vehicle that works best for their needs. Read more

Fleets & Mobile Computing

Utility Fleet Tracking Myth Busters

Since global positioning system (GPS) tracking was first introduced to the fleet industry, users have debated whether this technology is beneficial for their fleets. Some of the most common objections include the fear of employee pushback, budget concerns, and usage apprehensions regarding Big Data. Read more

Fleets & Mobile Computing

Rugged Tablets for Utility Fleet Vehicles

In reports analyzing the response of power utilities to incidents such as Hurricane Sandy, or the more recent ice storms on the east coast, one item has been remarkably consistent—the conclusion that communication requires improvements. The concern is not hard to fathom. Knowing accurately when power will return has an enormous impact on how a family or a business copes with the situation. Read more

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