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Safety Technologies

Distracted Driving Equals Disaster


Removing hazards caused from in-vehicle computing

BY SCOTT BALL, Motion Computing

No utility company would send a worker out in a truck with a known safety defect. North American electric utilities may not realize, however, that by failing to ensure that computing devices are used safely within their vehicles, management could be putting their employees and the public at risk. Even worse, if an accident was to occur, the utility could be held liable. Access to mobile computing is now the rule rather than the exception. Read more

Safety Technologies

Electrical Safety for First Responders


 How Smart Grid technologies can become an electrical hazard to rescue workers

Smart Grid technologies have risen to prominence in North America. Media outlets, industry experts, vendors, and utilities all echo the same positive sentiments regarding a digitized power grid. However, new technologies can also introduce new hazards. Roy Burch, Manager of Loss Prevention and Environmental Compliance, for Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc., a distribution utility for the city of Guelph, Ontario, has actively reached out to first responders in an effort to educate them about the electrical hazards posed by new technologies such as solar panels and electric vehicles. Read more

Safety Technologies

Electrical Safety in the Field

Image courtesy of Panasonic

Protecting utility workers using mobile technologies

BY TOM OCONNOR, Panasonic Solutions for Business

Nearly every lineman has heard of a colleague who has been injured—or worse—while on the job. Because of the dangers inherent to their job (that is, electrical safety in the field), these brave men and women must take every precaution to get their work completed efficiently and safely. The realities of the economic slowdown add an additional level of complexity—the expectation that workers do more with less. Read more

Safety Technologies

Worker Safety Using Infrared

05_GEAR_32 kV switch_FLIR (640x480)

Infrared safety: using thermal technologies to protect workers


Disconnect switches, elbow connectors, cutouts, lightning arrestors, oil-filled circuit breakers, and other electrical components tend to heat up before they fail. The ability to detect overheating on such equipment long before it becomes critical is essential for preventing costly unplanned outages and for protecting workers from exposure to potential arc flashes and faults. The experienced and well-trained know it’s crucial to heed industry standards about maintaining a safe working distance. That’s why more electricians and utility companies are turning to thermal imaging as a practical and more effective way to inspect energized equipment from outside the danger zone. Read more

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