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Substation Testing & Maintenance

Properly Grounded Substations


Adequate utility grounding improves power quality, but more importantly, it is essential for worker safety as well as public protection. Design is critical in maintaining a safe equipotential environment all around the substation. Read more

Substation Testing & Maintenance

Grounding System Maintenance Guide


Grounding systems are a crucially important component of any power supply system, because they directly impact public and employee safety, supply system reliability, power quality and life expectancy of power equipment. In spite of their crucial role in safe, reliable, and economic operation of power supply systems, grounding systems do not receive the same level of preventative maintenance as other infrastructure assets. Read more

Substation Testing & Maintenance

Substation Maintenance Best Practices


Improving substation maintenance best practices for greater success


Currently, substation maintenance—regular or emergency—operations and best practices must fit the utility’s goal of accomplishing more with less, in order to maximize assets and minimize outages. A caveat to this weighty goal is to accomplish more with less with a reduced workforce and under tight budgets. Field workers face this reality daily. Therefore, to overcome such challenges, maintenance crews have to be properly equipped and trained for these everyday demanding tasks. Read more

Substation Testing & Maintenance

Electrical Substation Maintenance


Improving safety and methodology techniques to protect utility workers

BY LARRY LAWRENCE, Lineman’s Testing Laboratories of Canada

In 1990, many workplace safety hazards were consistently ignored as if they were “acceptable risk” and an expected part of a worker’s daily routine. Not surprisingly, many workers who performed routine testing and maintenance procedures in high-voltage substations experienced serious and, in some instances, fatal injuries.

Additionally, electric utilities were faced with high costs associated from unfinished materials waste, downtime to the process, and increasing insurance premiums. Safety maintenance procedures in electrical substations needed to become a main consideration in order to reduce needless suffering and sustain a consistent workforce.

Read more

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