Utilities Share Greatest Moments of 2015

DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT UPGRADES Duke Energy Upgrades and development of the distribution management system (DMS) at Duke Energy has been an area of significant focus during 2015. E-BILLING FOR CUSTOMERS Guelph Hydro In 2015, Guelph Hydro… read more »


2015 T&D Year in Review

A massive transformation of the utility industry is well underway. A number of factors continue to drive this change concurrently with the ever-growing necessity to upgrade and improve resilience and flexibility of North America’s electrical… read more »


The New Demand Response

Demand response—in the traditional sense—is deceased. The new demand response, on the other hand, builds on lessons learned and provides the path for integration of technology, customers, and programs. This new definition of demand response… read more »


2016: The Electricity of Tomorrow

THE GRAND CHALLENGE Design an electric power system that takes full advantage of the convergence of energy, communications, sensing, and computing technologies in a cyber-physical system that enables society to reach its diverse energy objectives,… read more »


Outage Management: Restore Power in Less Time

Improving power grid reliability is a major goal of the electric power industry and can reduce economic losses, lost productivity, and customer inconvenience from power disruptions. For several utilities, Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) funding… read more »

Overhead T&D

Xplore Unveils XSLATE D10 Rugged Android Tablet

Electrical Utilities Xplore D10

Xplore Technologies Corporation, manufacturer of the world’s broadest range of high-quality rugged tablet computers, recently launched the XSLATE D10. With four gigabytes (GB) of RAM of memory, 64GB of storage, and an Intel central processing unit (CPU), the XSLATE D10 pushes the boundaries of what is available on Android devices. The new XSLATE D10 provides customers with a full set of ports that cannot be found on other Android devices, including two USB 3.0, RJ-45, and an optional HDMI input, among other amazing features. Read more

Smart Grid

The Art of Communications Technology


North America’s critical infrastructure grabs headlines in two ways. First, if catastrophe occurs (a switch opens or a transformer blows) or power grid equipment fails, the media will be on standby to report the story. Second, when political leaders talk about investing in critical infrastructure for the nation’s future, media representatives will be on hand to report the details to the public. Read more

Smart Metering

The Intelligent City of Tomorrow


The term “smart city” is becoming increasingly common, especially in the public services sector. Cities of all sizes have interdependent systems, from electricity, water, and gas utilities to transportation systems to municipal lighting systems. Read more

Substation Testing & Maintenance

Properly Grounded Substations


Adequate utility grounding improves power quality, but more importantly, it is essential for worker safety as well as public protection. Design is critical in maintaining a safe equipotential environment all around the substation. Read more

Overhead T&D

Electrical Connectors for Overhead Lines


Utility distribution systems utilize a variety of connectors to join and attach overhead conductors. These components are simple and relatively inexpensive; however, due to their critical function and the large number of components utilized in the electrical system, they deserve some consideration from the maintenance perspective. Read more

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