Ensuring Compliance vs Building Resilience

The realization that the vast majority of substations have significant security vulnerabilities was crystalized after the Metcalf incident of April 2013, during which unknown assailants caused the failure of 17 transformers at the Silicon Valley… read more »


Xplore Unveils XSLATE B10 Fully Rugged Tablet

Xplore Technologies Corp., manufacturer of the world’s broadest range of high-quality rugged tablet computers, recently launched the XSLATE B10, the industry’s most fully featured, fully rugged tablet computer to date. With a set of eight… read more »

IMG_4392 - Linemen in Bucket

Utility Pole Showdown: Wood vs. Steel

A recent study that takes an in-depth look at the environmental performance of wood and steel utility poles challenges current perceptions on the sustainability advantages of wood poles when compared with steel poles. The detailed… read more »

Electricity Today-15112-2015 IHC TSE Cable Scrapper-13

ASHER Cable Scrapper from TSE

The TSE Cable Scrapper is Al Asher and Sons’ latest product innovation for 2015. Formerly known as OK Champion, the industry has long recognized the Cable Scrapper as the go-to product for salvaging underground cable… read more »


Smart Meter Deployment & Transitions

In the past 100 years, customer interaction with electric utilities has not changed significantly. However, with the introduction of smart meters, customers are now able to sign up for new programs and access their electricity… read more »

Utility Automation & Monitoring

Renewable Realities

Heavy incentives for small-scale distributed generation are floating around parts of Canada—and are growing globally. With large-scale generation becoming harder to build and having longer lead times, even utilities are looking favorably on small-scale distributed generation, such as residential photovoltaic (PV) generation. Read more

Overhead T&D

Utility Mobility

Utility workers are often subjected to challenging working conditions for hours at a time, yet are responsible for many mission-critical tasks. These workers must communicate with the entire organization while also representing the customer-facing side of their company.

Equipping workers with mobile devices can provide a number of benefits, among them improving utility services, reducing response time, and boosting field worker productivity. Read more

Transformer Software & Technologies

Smart Transformers

Maximizing continuous and reliable power output, extending the life of a power transformer, and reducing maintenance costs are just a few of the benefits motivating electric utilities to move toward buying a “smart transformer”, electrical equipment integrated with Smart Grid-enabling software systems. Read more

Physical Security & Monitoring

The Copper Theft Pandemic

Around the time of the financial crisis of 2008, precious metals pricing began to change drastically. Beginning in late 2007, a trend of price instability began to be seen for gold, silver, platinum, and (although not a precious metal in the traditional sense), copper. Read more

State of Industry

Waves of Utility Investments

Since inception, the term “Smart Grid” has gained multiple evolving definitions. In retrospect, the industry can identify waves of investment that have shaped the grid into a smarter, more modern, and more intelligent entity to improve reliability, efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability. Read more