Smart Meter Deployment & Transitions

In the past 100 years, customer interaction with electric utilities has not changed significantly. However, with the introduction of smart meters, customers are now able to sign up for new programs and access their electricity… read more »


Renewable Realities

Heavy incentives for small-scale distributed generation are floating around parts of Canada—and are growing globally. With large-scale generation becoming harder to build and having longer lead times, even utilities are looking favorably on small-scale distributed… read more »

Panasonic rugged device for utility workers

Utility Mobility

Utility workers are often subjected to challenging working conditions for hours at a time, yet are responsible for many mission-critical tasks. These workers must communicate with the entire organization while also representing the customer-facing side… read more »


Smart Transformers

Maximizing continuous and reliable power output, extending the life of a power transformer, and reducing maintenance costs are just a few of the benefits motivating electric utilities to move toward buying a “smart transformer”, electrical… read more »


The Copper Theft Pandemic

Around the time of the financial crisis of 2008, precious metals pricing began to change drastically. Beginning in late 2007, a trend of price instability began to be seen for gold, silver, platinum, and (although… read more »

State of Industry

Waves of Utility Investments

Since inception, the term “Smart Grid” has gained multiple evolving definitions. In retrospect, the industry can identify waves of investment that have shaped the grid into a smarter, more modern, and more intelligent entity to improve reliability, efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability. Read more

Overhead T&D

Aging Cable Infrastructure

The 2014 Annual Energy Outlook Report compiled by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that total electricity demand will grow by 29 percent (0.9 percent per year) by 2040. While growth has slowed in every decade since the 1950s, due in part to efficiency gains in appliance standards and investment in energy efficient equipment, a need exists to increase capacity while maintaining the current infrastructure to meet this future demand. Read more

Smart Grid

Smart Grid Software & Apps

Utilities worldwide are adopting innovative technology to embrace the potential of the Smart Grid while conquering a myriad of new challenges posed by it, and by a new host of financial and regulatory challenges.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities presented, while at the same time, tackling the challenges head-on, today’s utilities require innovative and robust tools for operating and managing its operational technology. Read more

Smart Grid

Data Insecurities

Electric utility executives experience a number of headaches when it comes to data. Forbes reports that electric utilities possess 194 petabytes (that is, one million gigabytes) of data—as of 2009. Now, utility execs are searching for new methods and solutions to manage this incoming flux of data. However, data management is only one part of the problem. Data security is another matter altogether. Read more

Transformer Monitoring & Protection

Distribution Transformer Loss Costs

A car owner must make some important decisions when purchasing a new vehicle—particularly if he or she has not bought one in decades. The features of the hundreds of 2015 models available can seem overwhelming. The budget-conscious owner, considering factors such as fuel efficiency, miles/kilometers driven, and gas prices, soon learns that low price does not mean low cost. Read more